Hey guys, just wanted to make a post about the future of IndieBuzzSpot.com and our plans. Right now we are in development of the site, and it is going great, with an awesome top notch support tech team on our side.

I have received some questions about the agenda and goals of Indie Buzz Spot, and why right now we are giving so much out for free, for nothing in return.

I am happy to say that we are getting far much more than money right now – We are being able to list YOU in our directory so we can support you as we grow. By doing this, you will be one of the first artist to be contacted to stream when we release our radio and front online indie musician magazine cover coming in 2021.

As we build traffic, a following for the brand, our goal is to take YOU wish US to the top.

The better YOU do, the better we do as-well, and vise versa. We aim to create an ALLIANCE through IndieBuzzSpot.com with you.

What is to come and our plans is very exciting and I would like to share all of the details with you as time goes on. But right now, what we can offer you is some tips, and advice on online music promotion aswell as a free listing of your music on our site which will be added onto as we build the design of the site’s platform.

Right now we need more musicians to submit their music to us so we can grow our directory, this way we will have plenty of music, bands and musicians to spotlight and write about on our magazines, aswell as talk about on our radio which we aim to launch in a few months.

We are still in early stages, so we want to keep in touch with you – make sure to whitelist us when you receive emails from us to stay in contact. You may reply to any of our email messages and we will respond personally!

We also made it super easy for you to opt-out at anytime if you do not want your project/music with us with just one click or tap in our emails to unsubscribe to our messages.

We really hope you will share our excitement on this new project, it has been years in the works and on the drawing board. The look and feel of the site will change drastically over time, and at this point you can just sit and watch us grow together as more details unfold.

This is a great, and FREE way to get your music promoted online.

Click here to submit your music (Your ReverbNation link) and we can get you a listing with us like the images above on the directory within 24 – 72 hours. Monday-Friday

Hope to be talking with you soon!

Eric Abbott

IndieBuzzSpot.com Developer

By Eric Abbott

Web Developer of IndieBuzzSpot.com

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