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At Indie Buzz Spot we KNOW how to get your music discovered Organically

We understand the DOs and DON’Ts of how to promote your music. What we want to to reverse the way that you might be promoting your music now. We want people coming to YOUR music, and not you having to share your music one by one trying to sell people.

If you are having to go to people and beg them to listen to your track, you are promoting your music very wrong. 90%+ will not take you seriously, and most of them will forget about you the very next day.

At Indie Buzz Spot, we are looking to build many tools for our site that we can list your music on, with awesome Search Engine Optimization tools – A Youtube channel that we can share your music on and promote every week to Social Media (The correct way) (Even if you do not have a video)

A directory, and an UPCOMING live stream radio show for Indie Musicians to get airplay.

Not only that, but if you want to dive in deeper into the world of making money with your music and influence, we have courses and classes you can take where we show you how to build a professional website step by step with WordPress, make graphics, market and monetize your website with Affiliate products (Earning commissions through your website, which is passive income)

And properly set up your site to get your music discovered just like we do at Indie Buzz Spot for your music.

We also have live classes every Friday which are also recorded, with live Q&A by a professional online marketing agency who has been around for 15 years online and has coached thousands of successful website / blog owners. — Including hundreds of musicians and bands.

Lets get your music listed with us!

Simply sign the form below to get started, put in your name, your ReverbNation link, genre of music and email to get started. – CHECK and Verify your email link so we can make sure it is really YOUR email.

After that, give me about 24 to 48 hours to get back with you in an email. I will also attempt to connect with you on any other social media you may have such as ReverbNation and Facebook if you wish.. or we can stick strictly to email if you like as a means of communication.

I will then create you a listing with your logo, graphics, Bio, ReverbNation music embed, and your social media links/stores you may have.

I will then make the listing SEO optimized for the search engines with great keywords, and list your music on our YouTube channel (Just recently launching)

After your page is setup, I will send it to you and list it in the Indie Buzz Spot directory and we can begin promoting it everywhere.


We respect your email privacy