Here is why Email Marketing for Musicians is so important. This is the very first blog post for Indie Buzz Spot, and the reason why I start here is that it is the most important thing to cover. I have been specializing in email marketing for many years, doing marketing for advertising companies, installing email marketing for Chamber of Commerce directories, and many other business’s and individuals.

The reason why it is the most important thing is that like them, they have something online, that the want others to see and follow, and they want to build UP.

What do I mean by ‘Build Up’? Let’s go deeper into why Email

Marketing and building a list of fans is so important.

Having a list of fans to email to will help you stand out from the other musicians and bands.

Like every other musician and band, you would be and SHOULD be connecting with your fans on many social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

MOST however do not take a step and use those platforms to build an email list so when you post updates, you can also email them the updates as well in a more personalized manner. People tend to read the emails, but glance over updates if they follow many musicians and bands already. It can mean a difference between a glance of a Facebook update, vs an entire personal email being read with more details to keep your fans up to date.

IF you have a Blog or website, email list building becomes very easy.

I have noticed, MOST musicians on Reverbnation just do not have a website. Now when I start doing my Podcast, listen. There is going to be some information that will blow your mind. The stuff that I will be teaching is what Record Labels and marketing agencies do for you for thousands of dollars. And guess what? It cost’s just a few bucks to do every month, and it is so incredibly easy.

One of the things I’ll be teaching is creating a professional, list building, fan grabbing, eye catchy, mobile friendly, Search Engine Google optimized WordPress blog machine.

The information will be here in this blog, on this website, and in my email list (After you subscribe of course) 😉

However, the problem for me is not sharing the information with you that I have to offer. The problem for me right now is just knowing where to start because there is so much information. So we are going to be focusing on one aspect at a time.

Here is the best practice and tools needed to form what I like to call a ‘daily Pattern for Success’ activity loop to build your following online.

  1. Social Media Channels
  2. WordPress Blog
  3. Your Site Content
  4. Your List/Optin Form on your site
  5. Engagement with your subscribers
  6. Connect With Your Subscribers more Personally
  7. Relationship Building with your list
  8. Review your List Growth every month with Analytic
  9. Repeat the process

This 9 Step process is a daily activity loop for the most part, which needs to be perfected into small daily activities.

Even if you make one post a week to your social media channels, your blog, encourage people on your social media sites to sign up for your list to receive updates on your music and products/tours, and connect/engage with just 1 fan a day on your list by simply emailing them asking them to connect with you to a personal Twitter or Facebook/ Snap chat account, you will be +1ing every day.

This is a very powerful daily cycle which only takes roughly an hour a day or less (If your fast working) to build you super hardcore fans and followers that not even marketing agencies can buy or build for you with that powerful personal touch you can bring your fans yourself.

If you are not a people person, that is fine too! You can simply connect with them, shoot them some texts, and that small ‘Hello, thanks for being a fan, hope you are having a great day! Exciting to being on this journey with you.’ on a private message in a Facebook messenger, you are one step ahead of 98% of indie musicians in building a powerful fan base.

And believe me, each subscriber WANTS to follow you, because they gave you their permission to contact them along with their information to do so. Why not give them the option?

So let’s talk about these steps in our upcoming blog post,

Social Media Channels

In our next blog post, I will be talking about the first step of this process of list building. Social Media which is a great source of traffic and brand building – But viewing those channels as a source of how many fans you have, and depend on them alone for your success, those followers are NOT REALLY your followers. And I will tell you why.

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